This website and virtual exhibition was a heritage project of The Nelson History Theatre Society made possible by a grant from The Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance, the arts and heritage arm of The Columbia Basin Trust. Funding assistance, both financial and in-kind was also provided by Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History.

Research was conducted by Richard Rowberry with the assistance of Joey Bell, Kendra Cooper, and Cricket Carroll. We thank Touchstones archivist, Laura Fortier, and the legendary Shawn Lamb for their guidance and Greg Nesteroff for his research into the identity of Mrs. Houston.

The text was written by Richard Rowberry and opinions expressed therein are his own.

The website was created by Evan Brynne in consultation with Richard Rowberry.

Historical material was gathered from editions of The Miner and The Tribune available through the UBC Library Historical Newspapers project and the collection of The Nelson Municipal Library. Also from Patrick Wolfe's , Tramp Printer Extraordinairy: British Columbia's John "Truth" Houston, BC Studies, no 40, Winter 1978-79; Edward Affleck's Headstrong Houston And Hydro Electric Power; John Norris' Historic Nelson, The Early Years; Frank Leonard's John Houston, Dictionary of Canadian Biography; and Margaret A. Ormsby's British Columbia: a History.