All photographs are courtesy of Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History with the following exceptions:

John "Truth" Houston: Newspaper Man:

"Donald, BC" and "John Houston outside The Fort George Tribune" - courtesy of the BC Archives

"Prince Rupert" - courtesy of the Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives

John Houston: Businessman:

"The Smelter at Hailey, Idaho" - courtesy of The Blaine County Historical Museum

John Houston: Politician:

"James Dunsmuir" and "Richard McBride" - courtesy of The BC Archives

"Lieutenant Governor Sir Henri Gustave Joly de Lotbiniere" - courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

John Houston: The Man and his Legacy:

"A Chinese CPR work crew" - courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

British Columbia In John Houston's Lifetime:

"Nelson in 1891" - courtesy of Lou Coletti